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Why is collaboration key between Designers & Copywriters

We live in a highly changing and dynamic online world. In spite of all these changes, one thing remains forever.. content.. not just content but good content.

Writing good content to suit your website is the most trickiest part, In spite of all the thoughtfulness and consideration that goes into producing the content, there is a big question which remains unanswered ... Does this content fit all the web users needs ?

The answer is NO.

The main objective which one tries to achieve through good content is to increase user engagement.

Increased user engagement cannot be achieved by text alone.

According to Jakob Nielsen, an average web visitor is likely to read only 20-28% of a blog post. The only way you can increase their interest and engagement is through the use of compelling content.
By compelling content we mean the creation of a highly engaging article in conjunction with attention grabbing images and visuals.

A study says that articles with images get 94% more total views than pure text only articles. If you have means to produce an infographic then that's the best way forward as infographics deliver up to 120-180% more engagement thereby increasing viewers’ engagement, retention and, ultimately sales.

Another proven study says that readers retain about 60 % of any information if it is provided through visuals.

All this can happen only when designers and copywriters collaborate with each other by complementing each other's skills.

At SABiz we make sure that our graphic designers and copywriters work together and provide compelling content which engages both hemispheres of your brain.

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